Aug 15, 2016

Leadership Binders

We are well on our way to implementing the 8 Habits here at MTE.  As part of our initiative to really dive deeper into the content of each habit, we are also rolling out leadership binders.  My awesome admins and building assistants have been hard at work putting these binders together, and they were finally delivered to classrooms today!

Our teachers will be using these binders throughout the school year to help students develop and track goals, monitor works in progress, and to help remind students of all of the hard work and accomplishments they have achieved - pretty similar to a data binder, but with more options to personalize and add flair.  Obviously, this is done with the hope that students will begin to be more proactive - taking ownership of their own learning!

While each teacher may use the binder for different purposes in their classroom, I wanted to make sure that they had questions/activities available to them that really got each kiddo thinking about what each habit means to them and how they can practice it.  Obviously, academics are important, but we also want to make sure that we're giving our students the skills to be good people! 

Below you will find my contribution to our leadership binders for K-2 and 3-5.  Enjoy - and let me know if you see anything that I can add!

K-2 Leadership Binders

3-5 Leadership Binders

Be on the lookout for a teacher version as well!  It is our intention to really dig deeper into each habit with our teachers during committee meetings this year so they can being to truly feel what it means to not only teach the habits, but also live them!


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