Nov 7, 2016

Limit Setting

As educators and parents, we often find ourselves in situations that require us to set limits with our kiddos.  Questions such as, "Why do we have to learn/do this?!", "Why can't I...?", "Do we have to?" can be heard every day in classrooms and at home.  If your child or student is asking these questions, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone!

I have been asked quite a bit recently about what to do when these questions pop up, and the quick answer is - set limits.  Setting limits is a valuable tool when you are attempting to work with a child to get a job done.  You cannot force a child to behave in a certain way or complete a task that is before them, but you can offer choices that can teach and reinforce appropriate behavior.

I have put together an easy to use handout with some helpful hints on the "how to" for limit setting.  I hope this helps answer any questions you might have about this skill - and it is a skill - it requires practice.  Don't give up if you find yourself stumbling around with this for awhile!

For more helpful information regarding limit setting, see this quick read here.

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